About Our School

Plainview Intermediate Elementary School welcomes you to our web site. We are very pleased to share information about our school with you. We feel that we have so much to offer each student. We strive to make each student feel special and we treat each one as the unique individual that they are. We presently serve about 300 students at the intermediate level. Our intermediate grades include third, fourth, and fifth grades. We have five classroom teachers at each grade level; therefore, we have a low teacher-to-student ratio.

We offer art, music, physical education, and guidance classes to all of our students. We have our very own guidance counselor. She teaches the guidance classes weekly to each class. She also does individual and group counseling.

We have a state-of-the-art computer lab. Each classroom visits the lab at least one time each week. We have several computer programs for them to work with weekly. Each teacher has several computers in their classroom for the students to work on as well. They have internet access in every classroom.

We have embraced the Great Expectations Program. We follow their six tenets of teaching. 
  • All Children Can Learn
  • Teacher Positive Attitude
  • Self Esteem
  • High Expectations for All
  • Developing a Climate of Mutual Respect
  • Teacher Knowledge and Skill
There are seventeen teaching practices that correlate with high student achievement that are demonstrated in the classrooms. Life Principals and Character Education are heavily incorporated into the comprehensive program aimed at combining learning methodologies and philosophies with high standards of curriculum focusing on the whole child.

Plainview Intermediate teachers are always looking for volunteers to help in the classrooms. We encourage our parents to become very active in their child’s educational process.

We also have a wonderful parent organization called Parents in Action or PIA. If you would like to be more involved in your child’s school, we encourage you to become a member of PIA. The PIA is very active with fund raising and helping volunteers find a place to “fit in” and provide help. The PIA normally has meetings monthly to discuss upcoming events. Remember this is a team effort and we need willing players on the team pulling together. Please come and join our team.

We encourage parents to become very involved in their child’s reading. We have Accelerated Reader in our school. We give the Star Test to access each student’s reading level. This helps us to know at what level each student needs to be reading. We help the students check out books that they are interested in as well as on their reading level. This helps the students to become better readers. Each grade level requires points according to their grade.  Reading is the real key to all success!

We encourage you to come by to visit our school site. We would love to meet you.